How to Unlock Nokia 3 Bootloader

This tutorial is on how to unlock bootloader of the Nokia 3. If you like to install a custom recovery on your phone or simply want to root Nokia 3, then you will need to unlock the bootloader of your phone first. Unlocking bootloader allows you to modify your phone’s Android system, however this process also makes you void the phone warranty.

Nokia 3 bootloader unlocking method is similar to how you do it for the Nexus and Google Pixel phones. That means, it is extremely easy and with just one command, you will be able to unlock the bootloader of this Nokia phone. Nokia 3 runs stock Android with bare minimum changes made by HMD Global. And thankfully, they have not fully locked the bootloader.

Nokia 3

Disclaimer: Please perform the following tutorial on your own risk. We are not to be held responsible for any damage or if you phone gets bricked.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Nokia 3


You need to have the following things ready before you can proceed with the tutorial below:

  1. Nokia 3 USB drivers should be properly installed.
  2. Backup all your data as unlocking the bootloader wipes off everything – just like a new phone.
  3. ADB / Fastboot should be set up on your computer using Android SDK / Android Studio.

Once you have fulfilled all the above mentioned requirements, please proceed to the tutorial below.


Step 1 – Connect Nokia 3 with the computer using a USB cable.

Step 2 – Open Command Prompt and navigate to Android SDK Platform-Tools folder.

Step 3 – Next, run the following ADB command to enter Recovery Mode on your Nokia 3:

adb reboot recovery

Step 4 – You will be shown the following screen. This is the Recovery Mode of your phone.

Nokia 3 - Enter Recovery Mode

Step 5 – Using your volume keys, navigate to the next option that says “Reboot to bootloader” and press the Power button.

Step 6 – Your phone screen will turn blank and a small text at the bottom of the screen will be shown. This is the Bootloader / Fastboot Mode of your phone. Alternatively, you can also read: How to Enter Fastboot Mode Directly without Android Recovery.

Nokia 3 - Fastboot / Bootloader Mode

Step 7 – From Command Prompt, now run the following command to start the bootloader unlocking process.

fastboot oem unlock

Step 8 – You will see the following warning message on your screen. Press the Volume Up button to proceed.

Nokia 3 - Unlock Bootloader

Your phone bootloader will now be unlocked.

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  2. Command “fastboot oem unlock” not working.
    Facing “waiting for device” issue while unlocking bootloader on Nokia 3 phone using windows 7. Any idea on how to resolve it?

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