How to Enter Recovery Mode on Nokia 3

In this tutorial, we will explain how to enter the Recovery Mode on Nokia 3 phone. Recovery Mode allows you to perform certain actions on your phone, like running graphics test, creating a backup of your system and also allows you to run ADB commands from your PC if the phone is connected to a computer. Typically, ADB is used to install software updates manually on an Android phone. Android software updates are downloaded over the air (OTA), but in case you want to flash . install the update file manually, ADB is where you do it from.

Most Android phones can enter into Recovery Mode directly from within the phone with a button combination that you have to press and hold. But with Nokia 3, that is not the case. You need to have your Nokia 3 plugged into a computer (with a USB cable) in order to enter the Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode on Nokia 3

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Nokia 3

Nokia 3 stock Android recovery is pretty basic with a few functions only. Currently, there are no unofficial / official or any custom recoveries available for the phone. But as the phone is made available to more markets and regions, we can expect TWRP builds to pop up soon.

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This is how to enter into Recovery Mode on this phone:

Step 1 – Turn OFF your Nokia 3 phone.

Step 2 – Connect your phone with a PC / Mac using the USB cable.

Step 3 – Wait till you see the charging animation on the screen.

Step 4  – Then, press and hold Volume Up + Power buttons on your phone.

Step 5 – You will see a countdown message on the screen saying, “Please release key to power off…“. Ignore the message, keep both the buttons still pressed and let the countdown finish.

Step 6 – Once the countdown finishes, you will finally see the Android Recovery on your Nokia 3. This is the Recovery Mode, as shown in the picture below.

Recovery Mode on Nokia 3

This is it!

If you need help with anything else, or have problems trying to enter the Recovery Mode on Nokia 3, drop us a comment below.

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