How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 3

The easiest way to enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 3 is by using the buttons combination. Fastboot Mode in Android systems allow you to flash system images, firmware files, software updates and other mods on your device. You need to put your phone into this mode first, then only your phone will be recognized by the Fastboot utility.

You can download and set up the entire Android Studio with Android SDK on your computer to use Fastboot. Or you can simply download and use Android SDK Platform-Tools for your OS. Getting back to how to put this phone into the Fastboot Mode, the method is slightly tricky. Most Android phones can enter Fastboot / Bootloader Mode by turning on the phone with a set of buttons pressed together. However, you need to have your phone connected to a PC to enter into Fastboot Mode on Nokia 3 — similar to how we explained for entering Recovery Mode.

Nokia 3 (Black)

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 3

Among the things mentioned above, you also need Fastboot Mode to unlock bootloader on your phone. We have already explained that in a separate guide. Like a custom recovery, there is no such thing as a custom fastboot / bootloader for the Nokia 3 — or any other phone.

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This is how you enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 3:

Step 1 – Turn OFF your Nokia 3 phone.

Step 2 – Connect your phone with a PC / Mac using the USB cable.

Step 3 – Wait till you see the charging animation on the screen.

Step 4  – Then, press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons on your phone.

Step 5 – You will see a countdown message on the screen saying, “Please release key to power off…“. Ignore the message, keep both the buttons still pressed and let the countdown finish.

Step 6 – Once the countdown finishes, you will finally see the Android Bootloader / Fastboot screen on your Nokia 3. This is the Fastboot Mode, as shown in the picture below.

Bootloader / Fastboot Mode on Nokia 3

This is it!

If you need help with anything else, or have problems trying to enter the Fastboot Mode on Nokia 3, drop us a comment below.