Download Nokia Camera APK, Developed by HMD Global for Nokia Phones

You can download HMD Global Camera APK, developed by Nokia Mobile.  This is the official Camera app that has been pre-loaded on the recently launched Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 Android phones. It has been developed by the team at HMD Global / Nokia. At first, we were disappointed on why we couldn’t install Google Camera on the Nokia Android phones, because, it is one of the best and simple camera apps available.

Nokia Camera has some custom features built-in as well. One of the most noticeable feature is to allow users to add watermark in your pictures. We love that! Apart from the watermark feature, there is very little to do. The UI is very basic and kinda looks ‘ugly’ but is functional enough. Additional modes in the app include panorama, beautify mode and HDR.

Download HMD Global Camera APK

For those who want to try out the app, we have the direct APK for you. Just yesterday, HMD Global uploaded the Nokia Camera app on Google Play Store. And also launched the very first update of the app, fixing and improving a few things in the app.

Download Nokia Camera APK

UPDATE: You can download Nokia Camera APK from Android Oreo: Download Nokia_Camera_Android_Oreo.apk (Size: 66 MB)

You can download the latest Nokia Camera APK here: Download Nokia-Camera.apk

For those who want to try this app on your phone, it will have to be installed directly using a File Manager. This app is just 11MB in size.

Just recently, we also posted the Nokia Launcher APK that anyone can install on their phones. It is an alternative to the Pixel Launcher that only Google Pixel users can use. HMD Global has provided a near stock Android experience on all of their phones. And we hope they continue to do the same. As for the camera app, they can always move to Google Camera or update their own with a better interface and new features.

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  1. Android camera app for Nokia 8 – IS THE WORST APP !!!!2017!!!!.
    >Zero manual FOCUS capabilities.
    >ZERO usability {crappy auto focus – GOING OUTTA FOCUS AS THOUGH IT HAS A HEART BEAT AND BREATHES {And trying to scan background images for data mining}.
    >Shitty pics, 1990’S QUALITY
    ^HERO to ZERO. 920/950 was/IS better image/sound quality, SO AM SWINGING BACK TO MICROWAVEHARDSOFT.

    >Using practical applications {Nokia ANDROID-phone} [‘as before 920/950]’^’ taking close up pictures of rocks.

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