Nokia 6 Model Numbers and Differences: TA-1000 vs TA-1003 vs TA-1021

This is a list of the official Nokia 6 model numbers, variants and their differences. Since the launch of Nokia phone in China, now Nokia has globally launched the Nokia smartphone available for purchase in Europe and other areas of the world but HMD claims that the features of Europe variants and China variants will differ from each other. Nokia 6 will not be identical to the one released in China. It might be different in some features.

Nokia 6 has a full HD display and it is powered by Snapdragon 430 processor. 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage capacity and it comes in four colors and it running on latest stock Google’s Android Nougat bearing the Nokia name. It has aluminum body and it feels really nice and premium in your hand. It very comfortable to hold not as it is not overly grippy. Design is quite slick with a nice finish. Considering that this phone is about $273, you are getting a lot in a phone in terms of design as Nokia spent a lot of attention and time on look of phone. The sleek design gives you a totally in interrupted rear. Over all, it’s a decent looking phone. You will get a home button which also works as a fingerprint scanner.

The UI is very responsive. HMD Nokia was very keen to take how they’ve done a lot of work on making it really bright interactive display and it does look really nice, it’s crisp and clear. There are no preloads installed in it. It’s pretty much a blank slate to start with. Just hop into play store and download what you like. It has 16MP rear and 8MP front camera.

Nokia 6 Model Numbers and Differences

Listed below are the commonly available variants of the Nokia 6 Android phone. These model numbers vary according to the different regions and markets where this phone is available for sale. Another difference is between the single and dual SIM Nokia 6 variants.

Nokia 6 Model Numbers, Variants

Nokia 6 TA-1000:

When Nokia 6 was launched in China, a lot of Nokia lovers who were not living in China were very eager to try the new Nokia smartphone. Even if it was launched globally, the other reason to buy the phone from China was that the Nokia 6 variant in China comes with 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB global version. On the down side, China version does not have NFC and the auto focus on its selfie camera. It does not receive security updates as well.

Nokia 6 TA-1003:

Other variant of Nokia 6 in China is TA-1003. The difference is that TA-1003 comes with Google services but TA-1000 does not which is available in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The major difference between TA-1000 and TA-1003 is that the TA-1003 will get security updates unlike TA-1000 as July update of 149MB is released on TA-1003. If there is an update for TA-1000 then it has to pass the government approval before the update reaches the device and it will obviously take time.

Nokia 6 TA-1021:

Before launching the Nokia 6 globally after a successful start in China, the HMD modified the Global version of Nokia 6. The hardware that was modified were its RAM as they increased it to 4GB with 64GB storage and some changes to improve WiFi. Design wise, HMD has increased the thickness of NFC pad and modified the power key for better feeling. To avoid the interface, the camera ring is also modified. HMD said that the modification they made are based on the customers’ feedback from China market as they made changes according to the user’s requirements. The global variant TA-1021 is also getting the July security update. The other global variants include TA-1025, TA-1039 and TA-1033 based on single and dual SIM.

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  1. Can I make my nokia ta-1000 looks like the stock ROM of ta-1021? I recently installed the launcher3 apk but there is no icon badge notifier.

  2. I’d like to buy a Nokia6 4-64GB (maybe the TA-1021) but I need to understand which version has the bandwidth 20 (800MHz) on the LTE.
    Furthermore, I would like to find a realiable seller in Europe (better here in Italy) to buy the RIGHT version (I don’t want to buy a TA-1021 and get a TA-1000)
    Somebody could help me, please?

  3. -Ciao, ho comprato NOKIA6 4-64GB (TA 1000) con la Pach 17 aprile e ho non avuto nessun aggiornamento ho letto sarebbe sufficiente a mettere l’originale FW ma non so come trovarlo e dal momento che ho per farlo è possibile montare ad esempio un modello 1021 TA o TA 1033 arte NERO per la mia.

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