Download Nokia 6 Drivers for Windows and Mac

Download Nokia 6 drivers for Windows PC and Mac platforms. These USB drivers will help you transfer media content like music, videos and photos between your Nokia 6 phone and the computer. HMD Global ships the official Nokia 6 USB drivers along with the phone itself. We are glad that this phone doesn’t use propriety drivers and can get along with the usual Android drivers for Windows just fine.

In most cases, if you had used a Google Pixel / Nexus phone before to connect with your PC, you will not need to install Nokia 6 drivers. Your Windows PC will automatically detect the phone and install the necessary software tools/drivers needed for the proper phone functioning. If that does not happen or you have run into any issues, here we have the Nokia 6 USB drivers you can install.

Nokia 6 Drivers

As mentioned earlier, the drivers are available for both the platforms — Windows and Mac. Let’s take a look at both of them and how to connect Nokia 6 to the computer.

Download Nokia 6 Drivers for Windows

For Windows, you need to have the official ADB, Fastboot drivers installed in your PC. Nokia 6 is running Android Nougat that is very close to the stock Android experience, i.e. Google Pixel. It even runs a fork of the Pixel Launcher that, by the way, anyone can download and enjoy on their phones! This is why the phone can easily communicate with Windows using the same Google USB drivers for Android devices — and that is exactly what you get in the drivers with your Nokia 6.

You can download Nokia 6 drivers for Windows here: Download

Download Nokia 6 Drivers for Mac

Nokia 6 - Android File Transfer

On Mac, the single most handy tool available for transferring content to and from Android devices is Android File Transfer. The app is in need of an update, but Google seems to like it just the way it is. You can transfer content between the Nokia 6 and Mac is by using this tool. No extra drivers needed or anything else to install. How to download? It is also included in the above (or below) mentioned ZIP file.

You can download Nokia 6 drivers for Mac here: Download