Download Nokia 6 Utility Tool

Good news for the Nokia 6 owners is that with the July update, the Nokia 6 now completely supports Google Apps but they are not pre-installed in it in some versions. Well! You don’t have to worry about that because now there is a tool that can make it happen. With this very simple easy to use tool, you can now install Play Store and Google Apps with it. This tool can unlock the languages in Nokia 6.

It is called Nokia 6 Utility Tool which can make it all happen. You don’t need such expertise to use this tool. The only thing you need is Google Generic Drivers which are already installed in Windows 10. So basically, you only have to download it.

Nokia 6 Utility

Nokia 6 Utility

Before start using this utility tool, make sure to that the USB debugging is turned on from the developers option. If you don’t know how to do that then this tool also provides you the guide to on how to turn on developer options with images and this a very good option in a utility tool.


Nokia 6 Utility tool is not only just easy to but also has great functions. With this tool, you can install drives (Google Generic Drivers). If your Nokia 6 does not have Google’s Play Store, fear not because this tool also installs Play Store in Nokia 6. In any case, you have installed corrupt files on your phone, it also has option of deleting those files.

It can also install MoreLocale Pro which is used to change and unlock additional languages in your phone.

Download Nokia 6 Utility

You can download the latest release of Nokia 6 Utility from the link here: Download

How to Install Nokia 6 Utility Tool:

  1. Download Nokia 6 Utility Tool.
  2. Extract all the contents from the zip file anywhere in your PC.
  3. Just simply install from setup.exe

If you are having any problem in extracting the content, go to the properties of the zip file and unblock the file.

Enjoy this Nokia 6 Utility tool.

If you have any questions, please leave a message below in the comments!

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