Download Nokia 5 Drivers for Windows and Mac

Nokia 5 drivers are now available for download. You can download these Nokia 5 USB drivers for Windows and Mac platforms. This phone is based on stock Android Nougat experience, but you still need to install compatible Windows drivers for the computer to recognize your device. Similar to the Nokia 3 and Nokia 6, Nokia 5 also comes with USB drivers right inside the phone. As soon as you plug in your phone with a computer, you will be prompted to install them.

We have pulled out the official drivers and linked them below for downloaded. One thing to note here is that if you have had a Google Pixel or a Nexus phone previously, you may not need to install any additional drivers. Nokia 5 will connect just fine with Windows. For Mac, you need to have Android File Transfer app so you can transfer files to and from your Nokia phone.

Nokia 5 - Box and Packaging

Download Nokia 5 Drivers for Windows

You can download Nokia 5 drivers for Windows here: Download

Nokia 5 Drivers

Do you plan to develop Android apps with the help of Nokia 5? If yes, then you can start right away after installing the above linked drivers. ADB and Fastboot will successfully recognize your phone.

To install, you just need to run the setup.exe file and you are good to go. Your phone will recognized by Windows and necessary drivers and setup will be completed. It should all take less than 2 minutes.

Download Nokia 5 Drivers for Mac

Nokia 5 - Android File Transfer

As mentioned before, to connect your phone with a Mac all you need is Android File Transfer app. It is a universal utility by Google that works with all Android devices, by any OEM i.e. Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Sony etc.

AFT is a simple utility that allows you to transfer files from and to the Nokia 5, delete files or copy them from one directory to another. That is pretty much all this app does. It is in need of serious upgrade, but Google doesn’t seem to have any plans of doing so.

You can download AFT from here: Download Android File Transfer for Mac

NOTE: Android File Transfer is also bundled in the above mentioned download link.

This is all for now! If you get stuck anywhere, leave us a comment below and we will help you out.