Watch Nokia 8 Event Live Stream on YouTube

You can now catch the Nokia 8 event live stream on YouTube. Nokia Mobile aka HMD Global is all set to announce the much-hyped and rumoured phone, Nokia 8.  The previous Nokia phones launched were Nokia Mobile’s re-entry into the smartphone market and the devices were basically low to mid range Android phones. HMD Global is now expected to announce a Nokia flagship phone that fans have been waiting for a long time.

Nokia 8 will compete with this year’s flagship Android devices and is expected to have all the high-end specs and features as one would expect the phone to have. We sure are excited about the big unveil. It is no secret that Nokia 8 has been previously leaked in pictures, but today we will see if that is exactly what HMD Global will be launching.

Nokia 8 Event Live Stream

Watch Nokia 8 Event Live Stream from YouTube HQ

This Nokia event is being held in London at the YouTube HQ. That means, Nokia 8 could be powered by the next major Android version, called as Android O. It was already rumoured, but looks like this can be a possibility as Nokia chose YouTube HQ as the venue for their Nokia 8 launch. Big day for Android fans, eh?

There is no official live stream from Nokia, but they have asked a couple of YouTubers to join them for the event. Fans have been asked to keep a look out for the YouTube channels of those guys. Nokia 8 event starts in about 30 minutes, and you can catch all the updates at the following two YouTube channels:

This was the official tweet from Nokia Mobile that hinted us to catch updates from today at the above mentioned YouTube channels:

Nokia 8 is expect to have 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 CPU and 12 megapixels dual-lens camera. A true flagship phone!