Nokia 8 Accessories: Leather Flip Case, Earphones, Car Chargers

This is a listing of all the Nokia 8 accessories that are available by Nokia Mobile / HMD Global. As with every flagship phone launch, several new mobile accessories are also announced for the users to go with the phone. Nokia 8 was launched earlier today and with that, we see a couple of new Nokia accessories.

Nokia 8 is a feature-packed flagship Android phone with a powerful processor, a dual-lens camera and pure Android Nougat experience. If you are planning to get this new Nokia phone in September, may be get a couple of protection cover and earphones along with it as well? We haven’t yet seen any Nokia mobile accessories from third-party makers, but with the popularity of the phones and new releases, we may start seeing them soon.

Nokia 8 Accessories

Official Nokia 8 Accessories by HMD Global

Let’s take a look at the couple of Nokia 8 accessories that have been launched with the phone. Previously, at MWC 2017, Nokia Mobile launched a few accessories for the Nokia 6 as well.

Leather Flip Case

Nokia Active Wireless Earphones

Nokia Leather Flip Case is made of premium leather and high-quality materials that helps you protect your Nokia 8 and display immaculate style. This case is a full protection accessory for your phone that covers everything except the dual camera at the back. Flip Case is only available in one color, but we expect Nokia to add a couple of more colors soon.

Flip Case has a hard back with a soft cover at the front side to protect the screen from any bumps.

Active Wireless Earphones

Nokia Leather Flip Case

These Nokia Active Wireless Earphones are fully compatible with the new Nokia 8. We covered it previously for the Nokia 6, and it also works great with the new flagship phone. These earphones include volume controls and a microphone. You can easily and wirelessly take calls or perform actions with your voice on Google Assistant. The design make these earphones look more sport-y, but these can go for any occasion.

Fast Car Charger

Nokia Fast Car Charger

HMD has not clearly mentioned if the Nokia 8 supports fast charging or not, but we believe, it does because of the Snapdragon 835 under the hood. This official Nokia Fast Car Charger has been launched only in a few selected countries, but it supports Qualcomm 3.0 technology and can charge up to two devices at a time. A perfect travel companion for those long drives!

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Do you plan on buying any of these Nokia 8 accessories? We love the designs and we hope you do as well. Let us know your thoughts below about these accessories.