Where To Buy Nokia 8 in Russia

You can now pre-order to buy Nokia 8 in Russia. HMD Global has now officially launched Nokia 8 and it’s pre-registration is available in UK and pre-order for Nokia 8 is available in Germany by O2 and they are offering sweet deals with it. After the UK and Germany, Russian smartphone market may be one of the first to bring Nokia 8 in their stock as Nokia 8’s pre-order is available in Russia and it seems that it is Nokia’s official online store in Russia, “mobileshop.nokia.ru”.

We haven’t seen official Nokia stores for others countries, but with the Russian one, it feels HMD Global is planning to launch their own official online stores. Nokia 6, 5 and 3 are being sold by Amazon India in India, but in the future we may look at an official Nokia store.

Nokia Mobile Shop - Buy Nokia 8 in Russia

In Russia, Nokia 8 is priced at 39990 p and all four colors of Nokia 8 are available to pre-book at official Nokia store.

It seems like HMD has been planning this for a long time to improve their launch timing in various countries. They have gone with online retailers and carrier stores in some countries. The domain at mobileshop.Nokia.ru  shows that it has been registered by Nokia itself.

Pre-Order Nokia 8 @ Mobileshop.nokia.ru

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