How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 6

This is a tutorial on how to enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 6. In most cases, Fastboot Mode is used to unlock bootloader or flash system images on your phone. Unfortunately, Nokia 6 bootloader cannot be unlocked and we hope Nokia changes that soon. Because of a locked bootloader, you cannot even root Nokia 6 with SuperSU or any other utility.

To run commands on Nokia 6 in Fastboot Mode, you need to have Android Studio set up on your computer with Android SDK. Fastboot utility is a part of the Platform-Tools package that you can download separately or as part of Android SDK with Android Studio. Typically, you can enter the download mode / fastboot mode by using a specific combination of buttons. However, on the Nokia 6 you will need to connect the phone with a computer before trying out the button combination.

Enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 6

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 6

This tutorial is along the same lines as we did a similar one for the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. In case you are looking for a way to enter Recovery Mode, here it is: How to Enter Recovery Mode on Nokia 6.


This is the tutorial on how to enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 6:

Step 1 – Turn OFF your Nokia 6 phone.

Step 2 – Connect your phone with a PC / Mac through a Type-C USB cable.

Step 3 – Wait till you see the charging animation on the screen.

Step 4  – Now, press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons on your phone.

Step 5 – You will see a countdown message on the screen saying, “Please release key to power off…“. Ignore the message, keep both the buttons pressed and let the countdown finish.

Step 6 – After the countdown, you will finally be able to see the Android Bootloader / Fastboot screen on your Nokia 6. This is the Fastboot Mode, as shown in the picture below.

Enter Fastboot Mode on Nokia 6

Well, this is it. You are inside the Fastboot / Download Mode on your Nokia 6.

If you need more information regarding fastboot / bootloader / download mode, just drop us a comment.