Where to Buy Nokia 8 in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Nokia 8 is also being launched in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the two major markets in the Middle East. The phone has been competitively priced in this region and is definitely cheaper than buying the Nokia 8 from European countries. You can now book and order this phone in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. And later this month, you will be able to directly buy Nokia 8 in UAE and Saudi Arabia from retailers.

Buy Nokia 8 in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, HMD Global has launched and priced the Nokia 8 for just AED 1699. This converts to just EUR 390, whereas the official price in Europe for the Nokia 8 is EUR 599. Pretty cool, eh? Nokia wants to make sure the Nokia 8 is competitively priced and is well-received by the fans in the UAE.

You will be able to buy the phone from Axiom Telecom and other telecom partners, starting the second week of September.

UPDATE: Watch the video highlights of the Nokia 8 Middle East launch event held in Dubai, UAE.

Buy Nokia 8 in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Buy Nokia 8 in Saudi Arabia

Similar to the UAE, Nokia fans in Saudi Arabia will also be able to buy the new Nokia 8 starting second week of September. And HMD Global has again priced the phone really well, at SAR 1699. If you compare this deal with other flagship phones, this is a steal and you shouldn’t miss out of this price of the Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 in Other Markets

We already reported Nokia 8 launch announcements and availability of pre-booking / pre-orders in other countries. Some of them are: Finland, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Thailand. And next, you can now buy Nokia 8 in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Nokia 8 Features and Tech Specs

Nokia 8 is the flagship Nokia phone we have been waiting for a long time. It combines high-end specs with Nokia’s OZO technology and pure Android experience into a single package.

If you still have not taken a look, read our Nokia 8 tech specs guide for a detailed look of the flagship Nokia phone. And if you plan on getting the Nokia 8 for yourself, also check out some Nokia 8 accessories you may want to buy along the phone.

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