Download Nokia Tune Ringtone from Nokia 6

You can now download Nokia Tune ringtone from Nokia 6 for any Android phone. This iconic ringtone used to be the most famous one back in the early 2000s when Nokia phones were the most popular in the world. Nokia Tune has gone through a number of iterations over the years. Nokia Tune used to be part of early Nokia phones in monophonic, then came the polyphonic ringtones and we again saw several iterations to this ringtone.

Just like every Nokia phone ever made, the recent Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 also come with the new Nokia Tune 2017 version. We have pulled out this official Nokia Tune for anyone who wants to download and use it on their Android phones. It’s really easy and every Android user can install this on their phone.

Download Nokia Tune Ringtone

Download Nokia Tune Ringtone (2017)

You can download the ringtone from here: Download Nokia 6 Nokia Tune Ringtone

It’s a tiny file of less than a MB in size and just 4 seconds in length.

Here is a preview of the Nokia Tune:

How to Install Nokia Tune on Android Phone

In the earlier days of Android, installing custom ringtones was not easily possible. But now, Android comes with built-in support for custom ringtones. You can add any music file or tune to your phone as a ringtone. How to do it? Follow the easy steps below:

Step 1 – Download Nokia Tune (2017) to your computer or directly to your phone.

Step 2 – If you downloaded the ringtone MP3 file to your PC, transfer it to your phone using a file manager.

Step 3 – On your Android phone, go to Settings > Sound. Your phone sound settings may be slightly different based on your Android version.

Install Nokia Tune Ringtone

Step 4 – Tap the Phone ringtone option to see the list of all available ringtone in your phone.

Step 5 – Swipe up to go to the bottom of the ringtones list. There you will see the option to Add ringtone.

Install Nokia Tune Ringtone

Step 6 – From the file manager, browse to the location where Nokia Tune MP3 file was downloaded. Select it!

Install Nokia Tune Ringtone

Step 7 – In the ringtones list of your phone, you should now see Nokia Tune in the list. Select it and tap OK.

Install Nokia Tune Ringtone

That’s it. You can now try calling your phone number to check what ringtone do you have!