Buy Nokia 8 in Germany from ComStern and Mindfactory

Nokia 8 is now officially available in one of the major European markets, Germany. Electronics market of Germany was one of the first market to put Nokia’s flagship model before everyone else on pre-order. HMD has done a very good work in making Nokia 8 available through out major countries and they have been very successful in delivering that.

In Germany, Nokia 8’s price has been lacerate by EUR 20 to EUR 579. Now, few retailers are offering Nokia 8 for price low as EUR 548. Both variants of Nokia 8 (Single-SIM and Dual-SIM) can be purchased from retailers Mindfactory and Comstern for the price of EUR 548. So, if you are a Nokia fan living in Germany, then this is a great deal.

Buy Nokia 8 in Germany: ComStern and Mindfactory

Nokia 8 Germany

HMD Global is promising stronger performance and faster updates than most of its peers. They are keeping their promise as they said — our Software Updates section is a proof of that. All of Nokia phones have been updated with the latest security updates and latest Android patches. And in a couple of months, we will be looking at a full Android Oreo update for the Nokia 8, Nokia 6, 5 and 3.

Other than O2 Germany and MediaMarkt, you can buy Nokia 8 in Germany from the following stores:

Buy Nokia 8 from Mind Factory

Buy Nokia 8 from Comstern

Buy Nokia 8 in Other Markets

Nokia 8 has been launched in a number of European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries all lover the world. US, Canada, India and China are yet to get a release date, but for now you can catch Nokia 8 in the following countries: