Nokia 8 with 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage Coming to US – FCC Certification

Nokia 8 is getting an upgraded version with more RAM and storage, as per FCC. Earlier this week HMD Global submitted an application to FCC which mentioned about the updated versions of Nokia 8 TA-1004 and TA-1012. These two new variants features more memory and storage as compared to their previous ‘global’ model. This falls in line with HMD Global’s plan to launch an updated variant of the Nokia 8 flagship phone in the US, China and India.

So the rumors that we were hearing from quite sometimes were actually true and that is being verified in the application below. HMD Global haven’t confirmed yet about the launch date, but from few sources we are hearing that it would be available in the US and China market next month (October, 2017). But on the other hand it all depends on FCC how soon they approve their application. So what we are expecting in the new Nokia 8 variants?

Nokia 8 FCC Application Request

Here is a copy of the FCC application that was sent by HMD Global:

Nokia 8 (US, India, China) FCC Application Request

Nokia 8 TA-1004 & TA-1012 New Features:

  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB Internal Storage
  • LCM 2nd source: JDI panel
  • Enable ANT+ feature by software
  • Enable WCDMA Band IV by software

If you are wondering what is JDI panel, its simply a mobile display which is better known as Japan Display. The reason for introducing this new panel seems to be of logistical nature. Lastly ANT+ wireless technology is used to communicate between two different manufacturer devices wirelessly.

This is what we have for the Nokia 8 in US, China and India so far. More storage means, you will be able to take more pictures, capture longer videos and have more music on the go. There is also a microSD slot in Nokia 8, but never hurts to have additional built-in storage. Chances are, with this much storage, you will never need an extra microSD card.

Stay tuned for more updates on Nokia, HMD Global and for any announcements for the new Nokia 8.