Nokia 6 Accessories: Cases, Screen Protectors, Chargers, Earphones

Here is a list of some cool Nokia 6 accessories that you can use with the phone. Nokia 6 is probably one of the best wallet-friendly phones out there. The new phone is manufactured by HMD Global, the company responsible for producing smartphones under the Finnish brand name (Nokia). Nokia 6 is a featured-packed Android phone with a large display screen and a full aluminum metal body. The ultra-sophisticated design makes this phone probably the most alluring of the Nokia bunch.

We have listed down a collection of accessories for Nokia 6 that work well with this Android phone. From fancy cases to protection covers, your Nokia 6 deserves the love and care. This phone doesn’t support fast charging, yet you can get some great deals on car chargers along with amazing-quality earphones.

Nokia 6 Accessories

Nokia 6 Accessories

Nokia has their own set of official accessories that you can buy and use along with all their phones. We have listed them below and also included a few third-party accessories that we think will be a great fit for the Nokia 6. Let’s have a closer look at the available accessories.

Nokia 6 Silicon Gel Case / Flip Wallet Case

Nokia 6 Silicon Gel Case Nokia 6 Flip Wallet Case
The powerhouse of phones has come out with two distinct phone-cases. Here we have the oh so classic crystal-clear case. Great for showing off your phone’s original design! Next is the matte leather case, made of premium leather quality. This sophisticated cover allows you to dress up your phone for a more chic affair.

Now these aren’t the only available phone cases and covers available on the market. Third party makers have also introduced fun and funky designs. So, go ahead and customize your phone to your heart’s desire. If you’re looking to get your hands on these two covers, we’ve got that covered for you. Look no further but to the links below, happy shopping!

Buy Slim Crystal Silicon Gel Case from Mobilefun.

Buy Slim Flip Wallet Case from Mobilefun.

Nokia Fast Car Charger

Nokia Fast Car Charger

Another must-have is the incredibly stylish and lightning-fast car charger by Nokia. It’s perfect for those long drives and road trips and ca charge up to two phones at the same time! A great addition to your car as well now you can hurry out the door without worrying if your phone is charged or not because your Nokia will be there to save the day. Not to mention that it has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatibility, so your other QC 3.0 compatible devices can easily charge with it as well. Grab your super-fast car charger at the link below.

Buy Nokia Quick Charger 3.0 from Mobilefun.

Nokia Wireless Earphones

Nokia Wireless Earphones

Wireless Stereo Earphones for Nokia 6 White Sport Magnetic Clasp and Flat Wire are perfect for those who are always on the run. The Nokia Active Wireless Earphones are a personal favorite and will work with any newly released flagship Android phone. These earphones all you to control the volume as well as the microphone.

Now there’s no need for a Bluetooth headset as these earphones allow you to answer and decline calls effortlessly all with the help of your voice through Google Assistant. Forget about using buttons, Google Assistant helps you to perform actions using vocal recognition. These stylish earphones have an ultra-sporty design going on but with this level of chic you can use them anywhere, anytime!

Buy Wireless Stereo Earphones from Amazon.

Nokia is soon coming out with a new set of in-earphones. Read more here: Nokia Stereo Earphones.

Olixar Nokia 6 Screen Protector

Screen Protectors

There’s nothing worse than getting a new phone and suddenly dropping It and getting it scratched or even worse than that, having your screen break. Yikes, talk about a real horror scene. But, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore, Olixar provides the perfect screen protection for your phone so your screen can always be scratch-free and look as new as ever.

Buy Oxilar Screen Protector from Mobilefun.

Olixar ToughBeats Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Want to jam in your car but the stereo isn’t working or maybe your car just doesn’t have Bluetooth? Well you could just use your phone to listen to your favorite tracks or better yet why not invest in a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Olixar provides a great sound system designed for your Nokia 6 so you can take your music with you, wherever you go. It’s great for the outside, whether you’re at a pool party or just hiking in the great outdoors, and it’s rated to stand against any elements of nature. Even better news, now you can take and also make hand-free calls, no puss about it.

Buy Olixar ToughBeats Bluetooth Speaker from Mobilefun.

What accessories do you have and use along with your Nokia 6? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it in the list above.