Nokia 3310 3G Variant Launched by HMD Global

Nokia just launched the Nokia 3310 3G variant. This phone brings the 3G capability to the iconic Nokia 3310 which was launched back in Barcelona earlier this year. Fans had been asking HMD Global for this variant since the launch of the previous Nokia 3310 (2017), and today, they finally delivered. It is still the same feature phone that we saw back in February, but with a very few minor changes to it. Nokia 3310 3G still has Snake, the same interface you loved and the classic, sleek design.

This new Nokia 3310 3G is slightly larger (13.29%  to be exact) than the previous model. That is for the 3G radios that HMD had to fit in the compact device. Now you can conveniently make use of your 3G enabled SIM and connect with friends on Facebook, Twitter or you can catch up on the latest news or your favourite blog.

Nokia 3310 3G

At the software side, Nokia has introduced the option to customize your home screen icons and rearrange them in its Java based Feature OS. You can also change the colour themes of the interface. The rest of the phone is pretty much the same as we saw a couple of months earlier. If you want to know how good is the camera, check out our Nokia 3310 camera sample pictures.

Nokia 3310 3G

Nokia 3310 3G is available in 4 vibrant colour shades: Azure, Yellow, Warm Red, and Charcoal.

This phone will be priced around the same as their previous model and is expected to go on sale in a few countries for EUR 69. You can watch the official promo video from Nokia below:

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Do you like this design? Will you be getting the Nokia 3310 now that it has 3G feature in it?