HMD Global will Unlock Bootloader of Nokia Android Phones

This is a great news for the entire Nokia community and fans — HMD Global will soon allow you to unlock bootloader of Nokia Android phones. Since the very first Nokia phones were released with Android on them, i.e. the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, fans and Android developers have been asking the HMD Global team to allow us to unlock the bootloader of our phones. Why? Unlocking the bootloader will open up lots of possibilities. You can expect TWRP custom recovery to come to the Nokia phones with advanced features for customizing and modifying your Nokia Android phones. And with that, you will soon be able to install custom ROMs as more developers add support for these phones.

Initially, it was said that Nokia has no plans of allowing users to unlock bootloader of their devices. But that was soon changed and was announced that HMD Global will allow Nokia devices to have an unlocked bootloader, one by one.

Unlock Bootloader on Nokia 6

This will allow HMD Global to see and monitor how people make use of an unlocked bootloader and how does the developer community respond to it. And as with more results, they will allow more Nokia phones to be rooted and modified with custom ROMs. One point to note here is that trying to root your Android phone or unlocking the bootloader voids the warranty, atleast for most manufacturers. It is yet to be seen how will Nokia respond to this.

Nokia Mobile definitely has security concerns over allowing users to unlock bootloader, but it is still a great news as they have considered the request from fans and will be allowing it.

This is the tweet from Mikko Jaakkola, CTO at HMD Global, that confirmed this news about the bootloader unlock:

HMD Global has launched four Nokia Android phones so far. They started off with the Nokia 6 in China and soon announced and launched this phone globally along with Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. And in August, HMD Global announced their first flagship phone, the Nokia 8.

Now we just have to wait and see which Nokia device will get an unlocked bootloader first. Our guess? We think Nokia 6 will get this option first, followed by the Nokia 8 as the next device.

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