How to Display Battery Percentage in Android Oreo

Since many of you have installed the new Android Oreo on Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, here is how you can display the battery percentage on your phone. We received a query earlier today asking for how to do this. It required a few more steps on Android Nougat, but is much easier to get it done on Android Oreo.

Battery percentage helps keep an eye on the remaining battery in your phone. It may be annoying for some users, but for most, it is useful. Many like me prefer to keep their phone battery levels above 75% at all times. I instantly put my phone on charging when it hits 50%. As more users install Android Oreo on their Nokia phones, they will notice several options have been re-arranged and changed.

Android Oreo Battery Percentage

How to Display Battery Percentage in Android Oreo

Follow these quick and easy steps to display the battery percentage number in the top status bar of your phone:

  • Go to Settings > Battery
  • Enable the option Battery Percentage
  • That’s it!

Now check the status bar. Battery percentage should now be enabled and displayed.

If you have any more queries or having problems with the new Android Oreo on your phone, drop us a comment below or contact us.