Nokia Sleep, Available from February at Nokia Store

CES 2018 didn’t bring any new Nokia phones, but we saw Nokia Sleep, a new gadget from Nokia Health. This is the latest addition to their health products. Sleep is a mattress pad that monitors your sleep patterns and collects data, which is later synced to the Nokia Health Mate app. Not just this, with IFTTT integration, you can also dim lights, increase thermostat etc. with the Nokia Sleep.

Nokia Sleep provides an in-depth look at your nights by monitoring sleep cycles, tracking heart rate and detecting snoring. And this will go on sale at the Nokia Store next month! No exact date, but Sleep will be available from next month for €99.95.

The best part about Sleep is that it blends with your current lifestyle after an initial one-time setup. You don’t have to change your routine or wear an wearables / sleep trackers on yourself. This gadget will have to be plugged in at all times, but that’s okay if you have a power socket near your bed. Once you wake up, your sleep data will be synced to the Health Mate app a few minutes later.

Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep Price & Where To Buy

As mentioned, Nokia Sleep will cost €99.95. You will be able to buy Nokia Sleep from the official Nokia Health store and even from the usual resellers.

More details on what Sleep can and can’t do later as it is launched.