Nokia 8110 2018 Spotted Live at MWC 2018

HMD Global is set to have its announcement event later today and yet we already have real life photos of the upcoming Nokia 8110 2018. Previous year, we saw the Nokia 3310 be revived and taking it as a trend, the brand will be reviving yet another old classic phone. The Nokia 8110 gained its popularity thanks to its banana-like shape and also the fact that it was featured in the infamous Matrix movie. From the looks of its, there are major cues from the older phone but it has been equipped with modern hardware. Read ahead to read more about Nokia 8110 2018.

The photos are pretty sharp and clear hence indicating they were taken at the Mobile World Congress 2018 show floor. Further, we see two color variants, bright yellow and a matte black which resembles the original phone. Also, visible is the upgraded color display which seems to be similar to the one on the Nokia 3310 2017. Keep reading to view photos of Nokia 8110 2018.

Nokia 8110 2018

Nokia 8110 2018 Photos:

Interestingly, the whole phone is curved, including the screen on top. Rather than Nokia utilizing a curved display panel, the glass on top of the actual display panel is curved only.

Are you excited about this revival? What features do you want in this 2018 feature phone from Nokia? Let us know in the comments section ahead.