Nokia 6 2018 Coming to the US, HMD Global Confirms

HMD Global recently launched the Nokia 6 2018 smartphone globally and now, the brand has went on to confirm that it will be arriving to the United States. Nokia 6 2018 is the sequel to the original Nokia 6 smartphone. It carries improved camera glass, better fingerprint sensor position and an improved design. As for HMD Global, it has made itself a huge mark in developing markets but it hasn’t yet set a strong base on larger prospects such as the USA. However, Juho Sarvikas – Chief Product Officer at HMD Global – confirmed that the new Nokia 6 2018 would be arriving to US in May.

Whether it be mid-range smartphones or flagships, US has quite a saturated market with multiple brands competing with each other. Despite the saturation, the market will definitely benefit from HMD Global’s Nokia devices especially the Nokia 6 2018 which is right in middle of its whole lineup. Read ahead to see what Juho Sarvikas had to say in regards to Nokia 6 2018 and US market in general.

Nokia 6 2018

Cnet blog had the chance of directly interviewing Juho Sarvikas to gauge his plans for USA and he said as mentioned:

“If you look at this US open market, this midtier is where you have a lot of people purchasing their device,” said Sarvikas. The Nokia 6 is a very good proposition for this market, he added. “We have a more focused plan for the US and we have long-term ambition as well — it’s a key market globally,” said Sarvikas. “We’ll have more news to share later on this year.”

At MWC 2018, HMD Global mentioned that the Nokia 6 2018 will cost around 279 Euros which roughly equate to $340. This, in our opinion, is a great price for what the phone has to offer. Do keep in mind, Nokia 6 2018 has been announced as part of Android One and it has already been confirmed to receive Android P once it is launched by Google.

[Via CNET]